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Barbie Bratz Or Fairy Collage

The first appearance of Barbie was seen on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Ruth Handler who was an American business woman got the inspiration of creating adult structure of Barbie from her daughter. Her daughter was giving adult roles to her dolls during the play time. During that time, the dolls which model babies were quite common. Mattel Toy Company started producing Barbie Bratz Or Fairy Collage.

Though these beautiful dolls have got millions of admirers across the world many are against this beauty. Feminists go against the Barbie because of having unrealistic waist size. Others who advocates against Barbie are dieticians who believe that lots of young girls wants to become like Barbie. They will not eat a proper diet which is very essential for good health and will result in eating disorders. Many young girls will get mental agonies while comparing their body structure to Barbie’s which will later become a serious mental illness and depression. By playing with dolls kids should be able to model and experience real scenarios. At least they shouldn’t mislead them. Several design flaws are found in Barbie. According to the design, if Barbie is alive she won’t be able to walk. The dolls with which girls spend almost 80% of their play should influence them positively.

Several other dolls which have got realistic features, exist these days and they are widely available in the market. It is seen that most of the parents are now opting for these dolls rather than Barbie. Bratz dolls are now popular and are tough competitors of Barbie dolls. Many kids prefer Bratz over Barbie. Barbie has the same facial features and hair colors until recently. Each Bratz doll has got it own style of hair and make up. The unique style of clothing and trends make Bratz dolls superior over Barbie.

Many mothers prefer Bratz over Barbie because they think Bratz dolls can stand on their own feet. Cloth dolls are other wonderful option for kids. Most children enjoy rag dolls from early days. These dolls can made at home with the available clothes. In that way they are not expensive also. They are long lasting and can also washed.

Most of the fashion dolls available in the market have heavy price tags which is not affordable for every one. Many local manufactures which duplicates the design will offer these dolls with a very less price. But the materials like the vinyl used for production are not up to the quality standards so that it is not advisable to go for these products. Many other models like Cissy, Dollfie and Tyler Wentworth represents the fashion models. These dolls are also very popular in the market irrespective of the high prices. Mini dolls are also in great demand among the kids. They are available in different sizes and models. Baby dolls are in great demand among the kids who use them for nurturing.

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