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Magnetic clasp makes it easy to wear jewelry with its magnet

Magnetic clasp are clasps which open and close with the use of magnets. These types of clasps are extremely popular today because they make jewelry easy to wear. But there are a number of designers who choose to stay away from these kinds of clasps. One of reasons is that they think these clasps are not strong enough for bold and chunky pieces of jewelry. It tend to be heavy. If tugged at, they can come undone but it is also important to keep in mind that a necklace can break easily. If it doesn’t have a magnetic clasp and if it is tugged at then they can break easily.

Beat magnetic clasp for jewelry:

Today, there are many different types of magnetic clasps available. This gives you the freedom to choose the type that is most suited to your project. One of the best things about magnetic clasps is that they are very secure. They can hold the jewelry in place securely. It is also very easy to remove the jewelry by pulling the magnetic closures apart. For individuals who have limited dexterity or are suffering from arthritis. These clasps are the best they can consider. Since there are many types available, it can at times be hard to choose the right type for your jewelry. This is because some are very strong and some serve specific functions other than just fastening and unfastening jewelry. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right ones for your creations.

Magnetic cylinder clasps – if there are knots and threads used in your creations, then this type of clasp is the best choice. They have been designed to hide knots. You can also use them in case you are thinking of creating a magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic claw clasps – if you intend to use jump rings in your design, then claw clasps are ideal for quick and hassle free attachment. They are most suitable for light weight jewelry such as small necklaces and dainty bracelets.

Magnetic clasps make jewelry easy to wear. This is the reason every jewelry designer should consider using them in their creations. It is quite easy to incorporate magnetic clasps in jewelry designs. All you need is beads, strong thread or wire, pliers and a set of magnetic clasps.

Get yourself one:

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