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4 important feng shui notes when building a tube house in 2022

When designing a tube house, homeowners should not only focus on making use of the area but need to arrange a reasonable space to be both convenient and to ensure feng shui criteria. If building a tube house in 2022, homeowners should not ignore 4 important notes about feng shui.

Tube house is a common type of architecture in cities and urban areas, with limited area due to expensive prices. Also due to the limited area. Many homeowners only pay attention to make the most of the area but ignore the feng shui criteria, leading to mistakes in design and layout.

Below, Feng Shui Expert Tam Nguyen will point out important notes so that homeowners who intend to build a tube house in 2022 do not make feng shui mistakes:

  1. The tube house needs a buffer space – Xuanguan

Tube houses often make the most basic feng shui mistake, which is to combine the living room with the parking space. This is a very popular design in modern tube houses, built in the past ten years in big cities and urban areas. In addition, with this layout, the shoe space will be located in the same area as the parking space… creating a chaos in the air field, losing the buffer space of the house.

Therefore, when planning to build a house in the coming year, homeowners should note that no matter how small the house area is, there needs to be a buffer space connecting the outside with the living room, also known as the mystical gate. The area should be for this space at least from 1.8-2.2m2, is a clean space, can decorate more small cabinets, vases, pictures… Huyen Quan outside beautifies the space. In addition, creating a buffer between functional areas is also a way to kill – ie reduce the killing intent before entering the house.

  1. The tube house should have a living room even though the area is small

Many homeowners in tube houses to save space should not arrange a living room. The first floor area is a parking space and a kitchen area. However, this is a taboo in feng shui because a house without a living room will not have a clear path, reducing the chances of fortune. From a feng shui point of view, the living room is the place to represent “talent”. The place to attract good energy from the outside into the house. Therefore, no matter how limited the area is, homeowners should not ignore this space.

In addition, when intending to make a balcony, it is necessary to reserve a sufficiently ventilated space. Do not try to make a balcony with an area that is too small, at least 2m2, otherwise just make a large glass door. Also, keep the balcony clean.

  1. Do not make a pipe house with different floors

The advantage of a split-storey house in Vinhome central park for rent is to make use of the empty space between floors to arrange more floors. To help the overall floors not be too high, to reduce the number of stairs to the floors. However, in this type of design, the floor of this floor will cut. Penetrate the floor of the other floor, creating a bad, non-uniform and unstable air field. In addition, with a split-story house, when you go out the door. You will immediately see the stairs going down. Creating a feeling of insecurity, easy to fall, especially for homes with young children and the elderly. Many houses with 4-5m frontage are still designed with different floors, which is a mistake. If homeowners like open space, they should choose a floor plan to help collect money.

 4. The toilet should not be arranged at the end of the tube house, near the skylight

Many homeowners choose to arrange the toilet in the last area of ​​the house, with a septic tank. With a house that is too small, the room is only 3-4m2. There is no other solution, the owner must accept this option. But if the area is larger. It should be noted not to put a toilet at the end of the house. The reason is because this area is usually the point of intake of air. Except for the southwest direction, the rest of the tube houses often put skylights here. Therefore, if the toilet at the end of the house is close to the skylight. It will cause the air to come from the top down combined. With the unclean air from the toilet to push to the interior functional spaces. Including the bedroom and living room, damaging atmosphere and adverse health effects.

Currently, there are more and more design and architectural firms working professionally. Consulting and designing many beautiful tube house models despite their limited area. Therefore, homeowners should work with architectural firms. Combining a reasonable layout in terms of feng shui to create a living space that is both beautiful. And convenient without violating the rules of feng shui.

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