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A Course In Miracles: Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health

A Course In Miracles: Chinese culture has always equated health with balance. And the advances of medical science have confirmed such importance. The human body is a closed environment, made out of different organ systems that are interdependent with each other. Each organ can only function under a specific range of factors – from temperature, essential nutrient concentration and pH.

One of the most popular books today that talks about body balance and losing weight (another equally controversial health issue) is The pH Miracle Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health, authored by Robert O. Young Ph.D.

The pH Miracle Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health actually introduces readers to the importance of a well-balanced body pH. pH stands for the Power of Hydrogen. Normal body pH is slightly alkaline, ranging from 7.36- 7.44. Medical experts claim that the body can go to great lengths just to keep pH values inside the body well within its normal range because going beyond that can alter many if not all of the physiological processes inside – which can eventually affect health in general. Dr. Young and his book allot a good amount of time in teaching readers the importance of a well balanced internal body pH.

Aside from that, The pH Miracle Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health also introduces simple and doable ways on how one can maintain pH values in the body well within the normal ranges. Many health experts recommend that the diet should possess food with adequate pH levels as well. Limit your intake of acidifying food to around 20-30% only. Highly alkaline foods should be a bigger part of your diet. These foods include vegetables and some selections of alkaline fruits. Stay away from too much meat, sour fruits and sugar which can have a huge pH misbalancing effect on your body.

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