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Believe in Curso De Milagros

The Webster Dictionary describes a Curso De Milagros as “something wonderful, a wonder, a marvelous thing, something which seems to go beyond the known laws of nature and is held to be the act of a supernatural being; a supernatural event.”

People have beliefs usually based upon their upbringing, culture, religion or by the influence of their parents and/or extended family. Apart from the belief in miracles, one might be left with a system of beliefs that has had, and will certainly continue to have, enormous significance-good and bad-in their lives. Not that all these inherited beliefs should be discarded, but only the falsity of their beliefs, which keep them from living a joyful, fulfilled life. If miracles are events which go beyond logical reason or scientific evidence and defy the laws of nature, then it can be understood that some of our beliefs are in things we may not fully understand or have not yet experienced with all our senses. Therefore, it might be a good idea to keep ourselves open to expand our belief systems and not just follow them blindly.

“Have a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing,” is a chapter in Wayne Dyer’s book 10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace. In it, he discusses the fact that in order to grow, sometimes we have to let go of some beliefs and patterns of thought. New ideas foster growth and can give us a different perspective.

There is an interesting phenomenon called the “placebo effect” that occurs when drug companies test their new products. Usually two groups take a pill that is meant to help with a particular ailment. Unbeknownst to the participants, each group is given pills, but one group is given an active drug and the other is given inactive pills. An interesting result often occurs. A percentage of people who take the inactive pills respond as if they had taken the real thing. Just believing that they took a drug to help them was enough to achieve their desired outcome. It is obvious that there was no actual medicine that helped them; it was in the person’s head. Nevertheless, just by believing, the participants made their healing happen. One might call that “a miracle!” It doesn’t always occur, but there are enough case studies that prove it can.

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