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Canopy Bed is for both boys and girls

If there’s one design element that makes a little girl feel most like a princess, it’s a Canopy Bed. Kid`s canopy beds evoke romantic storybook images of a life lived happily ever after.

Canopy beds are rightly associate with princesses and other royalty. As canopy beds have their origins in ancient castles as means of dealing with the unwieldy drafts these palaces produced. In the wintertime beds in the castle were drape with heavy curtains in order to help contain warmth. During the summer months, thick fabric material was replace by thin netting use to keep mosquitoes and other insects out. Both protective, comfort-generating uses for canopies in those medieval times were luxuries that only elite could afford. Tradition of draping canopies over beds was then carried on from there into modern mansions where people sought to live. They required the extra draft protection, warmth, or pest prevention, or not.

Kids Canopy Beds Give Good Feelings:

Girl`s canopy beds are not only a symbol of luxury and wealth. But to the little girls that sleep in them, they’re also a symbol of beauty, elegance, and grace. When little girl wakes up beneath canopy she may imagine herself princess in her palace in her own private heaven. Whatever she imagines, one thing is for sure – she feels as beautiful inside as her surroundings are outside. More than that, even, girl`s canopy beds provide a subtle sense of protection, of safety and security in her bedroom. The simple veil canopy provides gives little girls enough of feeling of privacy. They can comfortable allow themselves to relax enough to fall asleep.

Kinds of Girls Canopy Beds:

Most custom theme beds can be design with a canopy include. Princess castle beds certainly can, but so can Tudor cottage theme beds, Victorian theme beds, horse and carriage or horse and buggy theme beds, and more. What’s more, canopies can be built into kids bunk beds, kids loft beds, and kids Murphy beds alike. Girl`s canopy beds can built in a four-poster style or with an open-toed half-canopy. You can have them built made of fabric or wood or wrought iron. And you can have them made or painted in any color or design that you and your little girl like. Joann Means has spent years designing custom theme beds for little girls with and without canopies. Tudor style cottage beds, Versailles palace beds, princess castle beds, and Victorian doll house beds are only some of the custom girls beds Joann has designed.

Take a look at some of the girl`s canopy beds and other custom theme beds she’s design at Sweet Dream Children’s Interiors. Many people, when they think of kids canopy beds, think of billowy fabric, sheen and frilly. But that’s by far the only kind of canopy there is. The canopies in kid`s beds can be built of wood or wrought iron too. You have to get one for your kid at home.

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