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Whether you are buying prescription glasses for the first time or have bought glasses over the internet previously, we at Perfect Glasses would like you to experience and use the best quality of glasses at the lowest possible prices.
So then, how good can cheap glasses be?

Our cheap glasses are make of the highest quality of frames and lenses. The only reason we can offer cheap prescription glasses is because we do not use expensive high street premises and eye testing equipment etc. However, our prescription glasses are make in the same labs that several high street stores use and our frames don’t just look good, but feel strong and are sturdy too!Infact, we also have 100’s of designer glasses and prescription sunglasses on which you can save hundreds of pounds by buying glasses online from us.

3 Steps to Buy Cheap Prescription Glasses Online
Buyingsunglasses online is simple.

Step 1: Select a frame of your choice. You can choose a full rimmed, semi-rimmed, rimless glasses or go for our best-selling glasses and prescription sunglasses.

Step 2: Once you have selected your frame, enter your prescription. If you would like to have a single pair of glasses for both. Distance as well as reading use, you can go for bifocal glasses or varifocal glasses. You can select any of these options online once you have selected your frame.

Step 3: Having ordered for your glasses online in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is wait for a few days for your brand new prescription glasses to arrive. Remember, at Perfect glasses, all glasses with simple prescriptions are dispatch within 3 working days.

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