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Comparing Vitamix e320 vs 7500 blender difference

Comparing Vitamix e320 vs 7500 blender difference: The cutting-edge model of their world-well-known line of excessive-performance blenders designed for home use, the Vitamix e320 continues vita-mix organization’s many years-vintage tradition as “the” call in industrial-high-quality mixing. The 5200 become brought to the USA in 2007 as a brand new-and-stepped forward model of the agency’s wildly famous 5000. Still to this day the world’s excellent-promoting Vitamix. Improved design features and an upgraded motor distinguish the modern day version from its predecessor, but. The following is an in-depth have a look at the Vitamix 7500.

The information and critiques expressed in it come inside the form of statistics gathered immediately from the organization. My ownership of both the 5000 and 5200 fashions and uses of each in mixing operations numbering within the hundreds. And my income revel in inside the excessive-overall performance blender enterprise dating again to 2009. It’s miles intended entirely as reference fabric for every body considering the purchase of a high-performance blender.

Bundle and specifications

every vitamix model thru the 5000 became made and assembled on-web site on the organization’s cleveland, ohio, world headquarters. Even though nonetheless absolutely assembled in america, the 5200 includes a swedish-designed and synthetic motor, that allows you to be tested in more detail below. The entire vitamix 5200 package includes a motor base within the patron’s preference of color, a jar with attached blade meeting and two-part lid, tamper, first-time consumer manual, guidelines card, cooking class-themed dvd, assurance certificate, registration card, and recipe e book.

The motor base of the 5200 is rectangular in form, 7 ½” huge and nine” deep, and weighs proper at eleven lbs. With the jar and lid in place, the whole unit stands 20 1/8″ tall. A standard 120 volt, 3-pronged grounded electricity twine extends to a length of up to 6 feet from the bottom of the bottom. Any or all the wire can be saved underneath the device – a specifically on hand feature when traveling with the unit or while running it at quick distances from electric retailers.

The base rests on four round, rubber ft, ¾” in diameter. The interface of the gadget is at the the front facet of the base and consists of a panel with two levers on both side of a dial in its center. The switches are long lasting, “gentle-contact” rubber for stepped forward ease of operation (certainly one of several enhancements over the 5000 model). One is a velocity manage and one is for powering the machine on and off. The “soft touch” center dial controls the variable pace characteristic of the gadget.

The outdoors of the bottom is manufactured from put on-resistant plastic inside the purchaser’s preference of white, black, purple, platinum or brushed-stainless finishes. Inner is a new swedish-designed motor designed and manufactured particularly for the 5200. The eleven.Five amp, 1380 watt motor is advertised as 2-top horsepower (2hp). Although technically no more potent than that during the sooner version, the brand new motor is extra green because of engineering improvements in its potential to sustainably cool itself throughout operation, which interprets to each electricity savings and progressed motor performance.

Top-cease blade speed on the 5200 has been measured at 37,000 revolutions consistent with minute (rpm). Giant discussion and debate keeps within the blender enterprise on what function horsepower performs with those machines. In addition to hints for calculating it, and on my internet site i offer a layman’s explanation in an article on high-performance blenders. Vita-blend has also issued its own declaration on motor horsepower.

Most of the people of the enhancements to the 5200 are feature on its jar and lid. In early 2007, vita-blend introduced a partnership with the eastman chemical co. For constructing new bins for this version. The conventional (and already robust) polycarbonate bins have now change with an even extra durable copolyester called eastman tritan™. The brand new jar is not simplest more potent. But is likewise considerably greater chemical and heat-resistant, is quieter at some point of operation. And contains no bisphenol-a (bpa) usually located in polycarbonate.

Tapering from extensive and spherical at its pinnacle to slender and rectangular-shaped at the bottom. The jar effortlessly holds contents totaling 2+ quarts in extent. It’s far mark in ounces up to 68 and cups up to eight ½ on one side. Milliliters up to 200 and liters up to 2 on the alternative. Marked with a “max” fill line at sixty eight oz. (eight ½ cups), the jar definitely holds 80 oz. (10 cups). A unmarried spout at the pinnacle of the box. Contrary the manage, has been redesign for more effective pouring and is market as “no-drip”. The manage, too, has been up to date and now functions an ergonomic design which include an indented thumb-relaxation. On its rubber “tender-grip” for greater effective manage over the jar.

From the bottom of the box, a 1 ½” lip suits securely in each nook of its squared layout around four rubber posts that enlarge upward from the motor base. Blended with the slotted blade meeting and correspondingly-outfitted pressure socket. The jar is extraordinarily solid on the bottom in the course of operation. The drive socket, itself, is fashion, harden plastic and the 5200’s four-sided (crisscross). Chrome steel hammermill-formed “wet” blades spin in a single, counterclockwise path. Every of the blade’s four extensions are about 1 ¼” lengthy. If want, the blade meeting is removable from the jar the usage of a in particular-design wrench (not include) from vita-mix.

The 5200’s redesigned -element lid consists of a molded-rubber cover edged with a lip. Which secures within the beginning of the box by way of resting on but some other lip shaped within the jar itself. The newly-designed cover additionally capabilities two tabs. Which “take hold of” a 2d lip on the outside of the jar. Insuring the lid remains in location all through operation. These “clean off” tabs are loosen with a single finger when eliminating the lid. A 2″ by 2″ hollow in the center of the lid is the egress point for a tamper that’s protect with the 5200. This hollow also houses the second one a part of the lid – a removable, copolyester plug with multiple features.

It can removed entirely from the principle lid with a easy twist. Growing an opening for the addition of ingredients throughout operation. Whilst inserted, the plug also serves as the jar’s vent. Permitting stress to get away whilst making warm contents together with soups and syrups. Ultimately, when invert, the middle of the plug is also a really perfect jigger for liquid substances, and is definitely mark at 1 and a couple of ounces. On one side, and 30 and 60 ml. On the other.

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