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DAPSONE (DAP Sone) Treats Acne

DAPSONE (DAP Sone) Treats Acne is an extremely common and frustrating problem especially during the teenage years. Fortunately there are many new products and lasers that can help. You can start with over the counter products, and this includes the ones available on infomercials like Proactive. According to the US government, these OTC products can only contain three ingredients; Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, Sulfur and Resorcinol. The next level is a visit to you your doctor who can prescribe topical and oral antibiotic and even oral isotretinoin (Accutane).

There are several newer products on the market to ask your doctor about. Dapsone gel (Aczone) is an antibiotic apply to you face. It was use for many years as an oral medicine to treat leprosy, an infection in the skin. This does not have the side effects of the oral pill but is very effective in decreasing pimples and cysts. The hottest things for topical treatment of acne are medications that contain two different medications for added benefit.

Epiduo contains Differin, a vitamin A based medicine and benzoyl peroide. University tests show that the two medication in Epiduo work better than either put on the face alone. Ziana gel contains tretinoin, another vitamin A based medicine and clindamyocin, a powerful antibiotic. Like all acne products, care must taken that the least amount of medicine is use to avoid drying of your face.

If your prescriptions for topical medication are not working or you want to avoid oral antibiotics or isotretinoin, there is a new laser type treatment that cleans out the pores while killing the bacteria causing acne. Called the Isolaze, manufactured by Aesthera, it is FDA approve for the treatment of Acne. Results are often seen after the first session though a series of treatments is necessary for the best results.

The greatest part is the treatments are truly painless and quick. Most patients leave the office reporting a clean, fresh feeling to the face as oil, dirt and pus have been vacuum out of the pores. It also shrinks down those annoying pimples and cysts. Treatments are done every week or every 2 weeks. Some dermatologists are combing the Isolaze sessions with BLU-U.® therapy. This also kills the bacteria, P. acnes that cause acne by a powerful blue light. BLU-U.® is painless, safe and leaves no redness. Treatments are give 1 to 2 times per week and can alternate with the Isolaze.

Once the Acne is under control you may have scarring. There is help for acne scarring from various new lasers. The Carbon Dioxide laser was always consider the best for acne scarring but side effects limited use in most patients. The CO2 laser was recently been modify for safer treatments with faster recovery and great results. This modified CO2 laser is call fractional and there are many different companies making these lasers. It is important that you search for a good, trusted doctor who can advise you as to which medication or laser treatment is right for you skin.

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