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Denim Shorts – It’s All About Length

You might wonder how many pairs of denim shorts could have begun their fashion lifetimes as a vanilla pair of jeans, but many of them were bound to have had even more luxurious beginnings, such as a casual jacket or even a pair workman-like dungarees. And equally, they may conclude their denim lifetime as something even simpler, a pencil case, peg bag or maybe just a button, but that’s probably too sad to contemplate.

Creating a pair of shorts from a cut-down pair of jeans is a transition that becomes many denim trousers that could be just a few months younger than that of the birth of jeans, such is the uncontrollable urge to take scissors to those denim garments once they have lost their shape. Whether a smart hem is added is down to amateur tailor involve or how long the maker has available, but as many hand-craft jean shorts are just a last minute decision. The fray edge is frequently the option taken; indeed it’s a common look that is now included in some purpose-made denim shorts, a call back to the hippy, relaxed look they encompass.

No matter if you are hand-cutting or purchasing new, length is the important choice when considering a pair of denims. And obviously, there are no hard and fast regulations (although there perhaps need to be). The ravers of the Nineties prefer their jean shorts down to the knee. But the bootylicious younger sets are much braver and wear them rather high. Seventies TV viewers will remember the Queen of denim shorts, Dukes of Hazard star, Daisy Duke. Whose parents must have known she was going to really suit them when they gave her that name. In exactly the same manner as Messrs Wellington, Raglan and Stetson were name.

Well it’s nice to think so. Whether you’re from the Catherine Bach or Jessica Simpson fan club. You’ll have to give in and say both are quite a stunning looks, if you can pull it off. Oddly it’s particularly suite to soaping up and hosing down cars. Ideally in full public view, so that’s where you’ll see most cinematic exposures of the classic denim short.

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