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Get top quality of wood floor refinishing for your home

You need to know about the importance of wood floor refinishing. Last spring I took two weeks off from work to relax and unwind and just do nothing. But on the very third day of my holidays, I was completely bore with my new routine.

So, I started looking for ways on how to effectively use this time. That is when it occurred to me that wooden flooring in my living room. It was screaming for my attention for quite some time now. The finishing had been completely worn off in most places. S till some areas looked worse than the rest due to high trafficking in those parts. There were a few squeaky floor boards, exposed nail heads, some major stains from spills. These are not to mention too many scratches on the floor. Get best floor refinishing service for your place.

Why it is important for us?

After having found myself project to keep me busy over next few days, I started checking guidelines wood floor refinishing. My very first step was to finish all the repair work before I started the actual refinishing process. I knew that floor sanding would take care of traffic patterns on floor along with most of stains from spills. So, I focused my energies on taking care of the loose floor boards, knocking down raised nail heads.

This process left some holes in floor which later I would fill with filler made from mixing sawdust and glue. After finishing repair work, and giving floor a thorough cleaning, I was ready to move on to sanding floor. For sanding, I rented sander from the nearest hardware store. It was a wise choice for me as after finishing my own living room. I had no intention of pursuing this as a full time profession.

Best room floor service:

Big sander took care of most of living room floor, but for edges and corners I used random orbit sander. Once I was finish with sanding the floor, I fill the holes with some filler, and after it was dry. To my delight all signs of stains and minor scratching were go. It is not much was left for me to do but to get on with the refinishing. Before applying finish, I had to vacuum the whole area again. Also clean with a damp cloth so as to get rid of all sawdust. After having applied three coats of oil based finish, my living room floor looked as good as new. Following these simple guidelines for wood floor refinishing I was able to transform my flooring from dull. Remainder of my holidays I spent admiring my handiwork whenever I looked at glossy surface of my living room floor.

Many people are using different types of floor refinishing service for their place. So people who need such type of services must have to visit us. We provide top quality of services to you and you will definitely like it.

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