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Have You Considered A Hairstyle Change

Crop is a popular hairstyle in Europe that has been around for a while and slowly making its way into America. There are many variations, but the main characteristics of the crop include a blunt, short fringe at the front, and textured hair all over the top, which drops to a skin fade at the sides.

This hairstyle was popularized first on the west coast, and we are now seeing an increase in requests from the southeast for it.

How to style it

We recommend a pomade to style your crop.

Start by squeezing a little bit and then emulsifying it with your hands. Spread the mixture through your hair once it’s slightly damp. You can then start to notice the texture you want by rubbing your head with your fingers.

It can left to dry naturally, but it is best to use a blow dryer to texturize the top. You’re done!

How do you ask for it

Ask Goodfellas if a crop would work for your hair texture or head shape.

It’s a good idea to take a few photos so that you can visualise what you want. We often see details in a photo that others are unable to explain. If you can show us a picture and point out the parts you like or dislike about the haircut. It helps us get a mental picture.

When deciding if it is right for you, we look for a hair style that is straight forward with a moderately thick recess area.

We will ask you if you plan to trim the sides to the skin, and if the top will styled with a product. We will give you more length and texture if you are styling it.

This article was write by a master barber at Goodfellas Barbershop in St.Petersburg FL. Goodfellas is the barber shop in St. Petersburg FL, specializing in modern barbering with traditional techniques. We offer all types of cuts and styles as well as straight razor shaves and beard trimming with precision detailing. Family-owned and operated since 2012.

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