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How glass is used in building modern luxury homes – Global trends

Nothing imitates the fashionable lifestyle and architectural drifts in contemporary buildings better than fabulous glass applications. Glass is timelessly elegant as a building material. Modern trends are more towards sleekness and decency and both these can be amalgamated in Glass. Glass is now depicted as a name of expensiveness and luxury in modern building designs and interiors.  Even no designer can describe the purposefulness of glass in any other way. It also allows us to create bold and bright solutions for beautiful home design.

If you visit some glass shop and say at the counter that you are looking for glass sheets for your bathroom, they would not wonder at all. Below is some word illustrations that how glass is making sophisticated and eccentric home remodeling and luxury buildings nowadays. You will be left jaw-dropped while seeking a lot of glass and its peculiar uses inside the house.

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Capsule glass houses–Cozy yet Classy

Glass can be used in so many different and peculiar ways but one of the ways is to make a home entirely out of glass. As the world is being a technology global village where intelligent home building is no more has been a dream. Open-ended housing schemes with multiple folds of floors are now glamor of metropolitan cities. Convenient, cozy and small apartments made of glass exclude the desires of ultra-modernity. Buildings now days are offering glass top houses as their unique selling points to some millennial and 21st adults because they are people who love technology and openness through glass. One of the examples of these types of homes is capsule-shaped glasshouses where the walls and rooftop are majorly made up of glass and its counterparts. As though glass has become enough evolved that it does not break or hatter in actually heavy wind storms and thunders.

Glass floors – bridging with glass

Inside the home fish aquariums and glass tables were most of the famous glass articles until the middle-century. But now in the first 2 decades of 21st-century glass is now everywhere. Think of anything and glass can be offering you its services. Like the floor is such typical home dimension that should be firm and grounded. And in modern homes glass splash tiles are offering these firmness and compact covering with class and style. Bridges can be made out of glass sheets, fences can be crafted out of glass panels and also the entire floors are now being made of glass. Even glass-like materials such as plexiglass are popular to be used as transparent coverings inside the home.

Glass kitchens– Ultimate luxurious kitchen solutions

Home has two main chief parts, one is kitchen and other is bathroom. Modern homemakers die at glass because they are aware of their intrinsic properties. Glass is not a name of lushness and expensiveness, but the name of sleekness and durability too. The back splash is another kind of glass sheets that are cherry-picked for counter tops, sink vanities and tiles across the stove.

Transparent bathrooms – Visibility from Inside out

Glass is also used in making of transparent bathrooms; here we are not talking about glass shower curtains but whole bathroom.  Glass walls, glass door, and entire glass bathroom is another kind of thing. Glass shower tub is another glass article sprouting the luxurious trends of glass bathrooms. These outside visible bathrooms are another name and symbolic presentation of glass architecture in modern home buildings.

Glass shelves – Seamless shelving

Open shelving in modern and contemporary homes is an aspect of exclusivity. For making smooth-edged and seamless shelving in homes glass is the top and chic material of homes. International home building tendencies are more towards using transparent and posh materials. Glass shelves give an illusionary space openness and brightness; you can place your articles and ornaments on these see-through and visible cancels.

Glass gardening – Eco makes echo

Glass gardening is not newto listen, greenhouses for mainly made up of glasses. But nowadays full fences and plant vases are also made of glass. Visible growth of roots is no doubt a mesmerizing feeling for any garden-loving homemaker. Another benefit of using glass as gardening article material is that glass is ecofriendly and also it makes enabled you to enjoy gardens with most of the visible lights. Entire glass sliders can be made across the home and lawns as transparent separators.

Metallic mixing in glass tables

Glass tabletops in our kitchens and dining halls are quite popular and regular. But nowadays metallic mixes of wired shapes with glass are global trends of using glass tables. Like a fancy table but the half is metallic and other half is of glass. This metallic mixing in glass usage is quite a trend in upcoming year of 2020. You must be sure that table pedestals are not make of glass ever. But you may be surprise to hear that glass is also now use in the making of table basis as well.

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Glass shower enclosures – A sip of royal bath experience

Frameless glass shower enclosures made of tempered glass toughened and hardened glass sheets where one can achieve enough firmness and bathroom safety. Frameless glass enclosures are another name of delights and royalty in bathrooms. Global home designing trends are towards making glass shower enclosures with frosted sheets to attain another kind of

Gigantic glass chandeliers – Making elegant and regal homes

Did not you see a royal and large fanoos in the middle of homes entangled in the space? These royal chandeliers are make of glass and globally now these chandeliers are becoming more of home building trends. Homes are meant to be elegant if there is expensive use if glass, this is the modern home designers slogan of the year for 2019 and onwards.


Glass will prevail as the chief chi material in modern home building trends in 2019-20. Because glass is no doubt a magical material and finally people are aware of its true use and benefits.

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