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How To Improve House Value Rather Than Moving In New One

When purchasing a house for the first time, some home buyers will forego many of the luxuries and extra amenities and stick to the basics. This may be due to a lack of funding or an inability to find the right place at the right time.

Later on, they may be ready to make some improvements and stay where they are, rather than moving into a new home. By making changes and adding some creature comforts, not only will the home be a more pleasant place to live, but the home’s property value will likely increase.

  1. Bathrooms

Upgrading the shower and bath areas of a home can give them a feeling of luxury and comfort. The latest trends for houses are granite and different types of natural stone. These materials are durable and easy to care for, not to mention eye-catching.

They add an air of elegance to the bathroom with granite vanities, showers, baths, and flooring. With many colors and varieties to choose from, they will fit in with any décor and make a practical replacement for the worn ceramics.

  1. Air Conditioning

Many older homes still have the original air systems from when the dwelling was built. In various scenarios, this means nothing. Once considered a luxury, many homes do not have the comfort of central air conditioning systems.

Instead, they have window units that are taxing the structures and do a poor job of being energy efficient. Gaps and cracks between the window units and the windows themselves allow drafts and moisture to pass through at will.

Homeowners can install a centralized system to help them cope with the hot and humid summers. Air conditioning Sydney is no longer a luxury for most people, but a necessity. Installing a new system or replacing the old one will make the home more marketable in the future and more livable in the present.

  1. Entertainment

Home is s castle for everyone. Adding the comforts of entertainment will make it more enjoyable to stay in and relax. This can quickly become a place where friends and family will want to spend quality time. This is done by redesigning the sights and sounds with a home theater.

The trends include large-screen television, first-rate audio, and even a home security surveillance system to improve the look and feel of the home. Watching favorite movies or catching a game takes on a whole new meaning when the picture is clear, and the room makes the audience feel as if they are sitting in a movie theater, rather than their own basement.

  1. Get an Energy Boost:

AC bills, especially in climates that hover in the 80s or 90s during the summer, can break the bank so give your house an energy once-over before your unit gets cranking.

Change the filters of ducted air conditioning Sydney and your system’s Freon supply and even consider hiring an energy auditor to come to your home to test for leaks around window and doors – if you have any, this time of year is best to install replacements.

To ensure that outside of your house is fortified, examine all the appliances outside of your house and make sure that they are not consuming a huge amount of energy. Refrigerators, washer/dryers, and even pool pumps can really put a dent in your monthly energy costs so if you’re considering upgrading, think about an energy-efficient model.

  1. Prepare for the Heat Wave

The biggest threat to home during summer is, of course, the sweltering heat. Rising temperatures in various places and your home may not be any more ready to withstand hours in these high temps.

Excessive heat will ravage many facets of your house, including wooden decks, exterior siding, and even clay roof tiles. Please ensure that all exposed wood has been properly sealed and fix all the cracked and broken siding as well as roof tiles as soon as possible.

Finally, you or your contractor want is to be suffering through home improvements in the sweltering sun.

A slower yet more permanent solution is to plant trees around the edges of your property and home that will provide shade for years to come, vastly reducing the direct sunlight that hits your home. Always keep it in your mind: sunrays are the enemy. Unless you’re George Hamilton.

Brief Summary

Summer is a great time to be outdoors and soak up the weather, that is when it’s tolerable. With children at the house and vacations on the books, people usually forget about preventative house maintenance, but after some time you will regret not taking some steps now that save yourself weeks of hassle later. Three months of summer -June, July, and August can be brutal, but don’t let sweltering heat worry get you down! Raise your head up and enjoy the heat – just make sure those gutters are clean first.

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