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How to Recognize a Sturdy Kitchen Cabinet

When reassembling the kitchen, or buying new cabinets for a renovation, it is extremely important to be able to recognize high-quality and sturdy cabinets. It is very easy to get bewildered in the cabinet showroom but there are ways in which you can distinguish durable cabinets from the regular ones. The most important aspect of a good kitchen cabinets is its construction. You might be able see some obvious issues like loose hinges or bent doors, but some issues aren’t that apparent. We have put together a few tips on how you can identify quality construction and make sure you don’t waste your money.

The Box and the Material

When it comes to choosing the material, plywood is generally accepted of having a superior quality than other common cabinet materials. No matter the material used, the box should have edges that are approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inches as a mark of good quality construction. The durability of the box depends a lot on the thickness of the material, the thicker it is the more lasting it will be. If you come across a rather thin material with roughly 1/8 inches on it and a fiber-board is stuck on its backside, it is not a durable cabinet and you will be wasting your money. In such cases, opting for RTA cabinets is advisable where the whole set is pre-made are you are satisfied with the construction because you will be assembling it yourself. You must be careful to avoid backless cabinetry because they invariably are damaged or unstable, prone to dismantle due to their fragility.

The Drawer Construction

One of the best ways of identifying quality drawer construction is by simply handling it. You are looking for a drawer that has solid hardwood sides with a sturdy finishing on the bottom panel. The drawer should be able to contain anything you have in mind, and if you are spending so much money on it you should pay attention to such minute details. it would play in your favor if you can avail discounted kitchen cabinets because you might end up getting superior quality at a lesser price. Look for solid hardwood dovetailed drawers as they have an interlocking mechanism that can sustain heavy loads. You may also consider opting for dado and dowel because extensively strong glues coupled with the advanced technology make them at par with dovetail drawers. These materials can be found in RTA cabinet range and are quite durable. The key to find a sturdy drawer is by looking for a solid wood material that is between 1/2 to 3/4 inch of thickness. Do not choose a cheaper material with joints glued or stapled to the hind side.

The Cabinet Frames

The frames offer more stability and durability to the cabinetry. Frameless cabinets often cost more than the framed ones because they require a lot of close attention to detail. Try visiting a showroom with a discount on kitchen cabinets so that you can buy a framed cabinet at a lower cost. You can match the frame color with the flooring or the wall color of your kitchen. It will give the cabinet a sophisticated and stylish look besides making it sturdy. If you are interested in saving some more money, because kitchen remodeling can turn out to be really expensive, try getting RTA cabinets. You might easily get your hands on a framed cabinet which you can assemble yourself with the added advantage of being economical, and it is way more fun.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and it becomes easier for you to recognize good quality kitchen cabinets. Being in a showroom can be very daunting if you have no clue about how to distinguish between high-quality cabinets from a cheaper quality. The kind of wood you choose will definitely determine the quality of your cabinet which is why quality wood coupled with solid construction will result in some fine cabinetry.

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