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Is Futuristic Design Right For Your Home?

Do you often dream about the future? Are you a sci-fi fan? Do you see yourself living in a home inspired by sci-fi books and films? If you are a fan of the technological progress and all the science implemented for new inventions that are both functional and awesome-looking, you will undoubtedly love the concept of futuristic design of your home. Here is all you need to know about it.

Main Materials and Colours

The primary materials are metal, plastic, glass and leather and in as many different combinations as possible. The primary colours are black and white along with grey, silver and touches of red, light green and yellow.

Type of Furnishings

The windows and doors are round, and walls, corners, niches are asymmetric. There are lots of geometric shapes that serve as décor, and the appliances are generally built-in. The chairs, sofas and tables are basically made from metal and have leather upholstery whereas the shelves and cabinets are rounded as well.

The Idea

The whole idea behind the futuristic design is the triumph of technology and science. A futuristic home has as many appliances as possible to enable tremendous functionality, and almost everything inside is controlled with a touch. For example, the blinds open and shut with a remote, the lighting is controlled with a touch or voice, and the doors are locked smartly.

The Principles

The Three basic principles of futuristic design are functionality, ergonomics and conciseness.

Reasons to Pick Futuristic Design

There are many reasons why futuristic design should be your choice. First of all, it has minimum décor except for the original photos or abstract paintings. This transforms the home into an open functional heaven where all of the items have useful purposes.

Secondly, you can experiment with new forms with the design of the furniture, the ways walls, floor and ceilings are constructed.

Thirdly, the whole concept is a big combination of minimalism with excessive creativity and basically “thinking out of the box” solutions.

Finally, the home is full of appliances that will facilitate the way of life. It will transform your home into a “wise house” with the help of technology, and everything inside will be remotely controlled.

Brave New World

It is a brave new world, and we are living in it. Grasping the ideas from future predictions and transforming them into reality in the present day is a dream come true for sci-fi lovers. In fact, not only sci-fi lovers enjoy these monumental creations. Many people are in awe of the complete looks that it slowly becomes one of the most popular interior designs today. One thing should be noted though; this design is a choice of people who are able to spend that kind of money on a futuristic project because the designs and the creations of the furnishings are unique and cost lots of money.


Some Final Words

What do you think? Are you considering this design? If you are still in doubt, you can try virtual home staging online and see whether your home will be a good fit. You can have a designer do a digital copy of your room in a futuristic style, and you can reconsider whether you can see yourself living in such an environment.

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