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Possessed Christian Mysticism of the Holy Spirit?

If you’re a Christian Mysticism, you probably encountered someone who has had a vision, felt the presence of God and heard what they would consider to be messages from God. When something like this happens to a Christian, it’s usually an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

If I was to ask any Christian, have they ever encountered what they would consider to be something unusual in their life, they might answer me with, one word,” Yes.” If I asked that question to anyone else, they would probably give me the same answer.

Where am I going with this, I’ll tell you. Anyone who’s ever had a strange encounter or an unusual event in their life, can easily attribute it to something mystical. Usually, God, Allah, Krishna or the Holy Spirit are the benefactors. I can’t argue with that and I never will. This could actually be what happened, I don’t really know, because I wasn’t there.

I myself have had strange encounters that can be explained, but are strange nevertheless. Could I tell you, the reader of this article, that I know without a doubt that some sort of spiritual entity was helping me? No, I can not, but it sure felt like someone was looking out for my best interest. Remember, I’m using the word felt and feelings are different than evidence.

I can speculate and even add additional events to these stories, to make them sounds more glamorous, but the bottom line is, I have no proof and that’s where we separate fact from fiction.

Once someone starts telling you about an experience, they had in the past with the Holy Spirit, you need to keep your feet on the ground. It’s up to you, to understand what they are talking about. Don’t get too caught up in their story or event.

Whenever someone tells me something that sounds like fiction and their making it into a true story, and I need to believe them, they’re telling me the truth, without any satisfactory evidence, remember that this is just their version, of whatever took place.

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