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PV Ribbon Wire

What are the benefits of PV Ribbon Wire over usual ribbon? Read this article to find out how they bring flexibility and form to your project.

Most ribbons are make of fabric that is not stiff enough to hold a specific form in place. One example is when you are making ribbon bows for gifts. A large package usually calls for a ribbon bow that complements its size. Cloth ribbons can fall flat when there is no wire to keep it in place.

For Crafts

Wired ribbon, also known as French wired ribbon, is very useful for crafts. It’s lined with wire making it easier to work with. Those who are interest in craft making can surely appreciate the advantages of the wire. It would be next to impossible to create wreaths, gift wrapping bows and other craft projects that require intricate designs without it. The wire is built in to one edge or both, some have wire running down the center for better flexibility. To prevent the wire from showing, the edge of the ribbon is design to hide it. These ribbons can used for many different creations on different occasions. That’s why these versatile ribbons come in various sizes, designs and colors.

For Baskets and Decorations

Wired ribbon bows are perfect for gift baskets and decorations. Most of the time, you’ll find your preferred color, width and design easily. Some craft stores sell both wired and unwired versions of the same design. Most people prefer to use the wired version for gift baskets and decorations because the finished product is visibly neater and holds its shape well. Making intricate flower designs or complicated bows is more enjoyable and easy with this type of ribbon. Most varieties of ribbons come in wired form. Wired satin ribbon, wired silk ribbon and wired grosgrain ribbon are all available. Special designs like wired polka dot ribbon to go along with your color scheme are also available.

For Weddings

Weddings are special occasions that need a lot of beautiful decorations to complement the day. Craft stores often sell wired ribbon wholesale for those who need it for large scale projects. Wired wedding ribbons are indispensable during these occasions. Some are best use indoors because the material of the ribbon itself can get smear when it’s wet. Before buying for outdoor events, make sure that the type you choose can left outside in case it rains.

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