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Relx Pods – Smoke Jumper Smoked Imperial Porter

Smoked anything, bacon, beans, turkey, fish, whatever makes me start to salivate. I really can’t describe the feeling that comes over me when I smell something smoking. Drive by Ted Peter’s Famous Relx Pods Smoked Fish in Saint Pete and you will understand what I mean. Somehow, Left Hand Brewing was able to capture that hypnotizing sensation in a bottle. They called it Smoke Jumper.

At first the smoke taste dominates this imperial porter. After a few minutes and several drinks later, the smoke starts to give away to the porter back bone that makes this beer so special. Not only is it as robust as an imperial porter should be, it somehow makes the smoke a partner that it dances with in your mouth. A beer tango of sorts. Malty, smooth, medium mouth feel and earthy hops goodness combine with a flavor that would make any bar-b-que fan melt like an Ozark Brisket.

I do have a couple of regrets with my experience with the Left Hand Smoke Jumper Imperial Smoked Porter. One is that I washed out the bottle. A force of habit for some homebrewers, like myself, that has robbed me of smelling the smokey residue of the empty bottle. Secondly I should have purchased at least 5 bottles of this delicious beverage and let it age a bit. The bottle I had was a couple of months old but I would be interested in tasting it a bit later. And finally, that after all this smokey beer talk I am dying for a pulled pork sandwich. Guess I know what I will be having for dinner tonight.

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