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Shag Carpet one of the eye catcher item at home

Shag Carpet is undeniably stylish. They have been around for hundreds of years and still remain functional. Interior designers continue to use them to mesmerize clients into seeing how wonderful space can look with help of well suited rugs.

Shag rugs take a life of their own once they are placed with matching decor. They instantly boost the aesthetic appeal of any room without trying too hard. They are perfect for dorm rooms that want to look luxurious and elegant. Friends and guests are sure to notice this magnificent addition to the room. Hundreds of notable manufacturers selling rug can found online. They boast of a quality that is unmatched. A shag rug must last for at least 8 years or more to be consider resilient and efficient. The color of the shag rugs that you would be purchasing must blend well with other decors in the room.

Round carpets for your place:

If your furniture is mostly round in shape then it would best to pair it with round shaped area rug. If it is rectangle it is also better to buy a shag carpet rug that would fit the description. Wool shag carpet rugs tend to be sturdy. Texture is rich and wool is versatile. Traditional and modern architecture can be enhance by wool shag rugs. Wool made by us is usually the best of its kind. Black rugs are great option the accent color is easy to correspond with other items in any space. We offer one of the finest black shag carpet rugs. We have collection of fine hand crafted shag carpet rugs. Browse through the options they provide. Compare and contrast product reviews and choose what is best for your home. Putting area rugs on your floor is relatively easy. Just make sure to place appropriate padding first.

How to clean shag carpet?

Shag carpeting is usually very beautiful and enhances the appearance and decor of any room. But it is also usually difficult to maintain and clean properly. The shag is create from looped piles of fibers, with various combinations of length and density. Thick, dense shag is a perfect repository for grit and grime. It is also a perfect hiding and breeding place for those microbes, it is creeping crawling critters that are often track into our homes on the bottom of our shoes. It is also easier for dirt and soils and any other kind of stain to build up on. The long fibers and eventually migrate down to the shag carpet backing. It is therefore essential that shag carpet should vacuum often, and clean regularly. Be careful with the vacuuming though. Some types of household vacuum cleaners could snag the long fibers and cause the carpet to get torn.

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