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Surefire Steps to Manifest Your Very Own Curso De Milagros

Last week I got a call out of the blue to jet off to Chicago to film a TV show. My gut said “go”, and over the years I’ve learned to listen. What was waiting there? What type of show was it? I didn’t quite know. But with little warning I packed my bags for the eighth time in the past 2 months and jetted off to a new adventure.

Once the trip began there were Curso De Milagros galore. I got to meet and interview Dr. Andrew Weil [the guru of integrative medicine], I had clients volunteer to take me to and from the airport, I got free cab rides from strangers, and made connections with people I never would have met, and got to feng shui a Chicago couple’s house.

Here’s the thing though: This isn’t unusual for me. This actually happens most every place I go, and with most everything I do. Each time miracles happen, I learn more, embrace more, and see more clearly how the Universe operates, and how to best use the opportunities available to me at every turn. Every year gets more and more magical – from turning the most obscure job into a lucrative career, landing my own TV show, meeting celebrities, finding my dream apartment, gaining information, meeting my boyfriend, obtaining new ideas and receiving just about anything else you can imagine – I’ve found life to be pretty darn supportive when I give it a chance.

So how can you begin to manifest more abundance in your life? Here are some tips to help you receive your very own miracles:

1. Assume That Everything Is For Your Highest Good
At this point in my life, I automatically assume that the world is kind. I assume that someone far smarter than I has choreographed my challenges, worries, triumphs, joys, sorrows, and all the rest. To me, life is far to magically complex to simply be random movement of atoms and energy. Through all the good and all the bad in my life, I’ve learned the most amazing things – things I wouldn’t trade for the world. Now even in the midst of challenging situations I know that life’s got my back.

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