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The Top Five Professional Tips for Flat Refurbishment London

Flat Refurbishment London: Improving a flat’s layout can help to reclaim lost or little used space from corridors, hallways, overly large bathrooms or bedrooms. If possible add the reclaimed space to the main living area. This can sometimes be achieved by simply moving or removing a wall.

Moving a kitchen into an open plan living area can add an extra bedroom to a flat, with the old kitchen space becoming a new bedroom. If the living area is large enough to accommodate a kitchen, this can provide a comfortable and modern way to live, with the cooking, dining and living area all combined in a single large space.

A few flats have unused space as basement or loft areas, these can be converted to offer more usable living space. These types of conversions can be expensive, so are often best suited to areas where the cost of a flat is high, such as in city centres.

Plan, plan and plan again!

Plan each stage of your project very carefully and make sure that you are happy with your plans for each stage, before you start work on that stage. This is important for all aspects of a refurbishment project, as any changes once a project is underway could have cost implications.

Focus on kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens are for many people the most important feature of a refurbishment. In many recently refurbished flats they are situated in an open plan living area, where they are very much on show, so they need to look good. Fortunately there are a huge range of kitchens to choose from and even more possibilities when it comes to worktops. Getting the layout of your kitchen right is essential, if you cook regularly, you will know how important a good kitchen layout is. Details such as the taps, flooring, backsplash and lighting give you the opportunity to create a unique and stylish kitchen.

A beautiful and stylish bathroom is another essential part of a good refurbishment. A bathroom, even in an old flat, can be a very luxurious room, it can be a room where modern luxuries and original features can sit comfortably side by side. Modern baths and showers complement fireplaces, sash windows or other period details, so do not be afraid to put modern bathroom fittings in a beautiful period room. If you prefer something more classical a roll top bath, wood panelled walls and a ceiling height cistern can help give a modern bathroom a more period feel.

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