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Get USB to HDMI cable to connect your device with monitor

How USB to HDMI helps you and its benefits? You’ve probably seen a coworker or colleague using multiple LCD monitors at their computer workstation.

Research at the University of Utah indicates that the use of multiple monitors can significantly improve worker productivity. It has been possible to integrate multiple monitors if the computer had DVI or HDMI outputs. But computers equipped with this functionality are still rare. Currently less than 2 percent of workstations are equipped with more than a single monitor. There is a need for a simpler solution. A new USB-HDMI adapter module has been introduced in recently that might help. Our technology adapts a USB port for use as an output for up to 6 monitors. This is also an easy way to implement an HDTV adapter for a laptop computer. This module is about the size of an AC adapter power supply for a laptop computer.

How we are best?

What makes our product different than its competitors is the integrated circuit chips and software drivers our technology. The critical chips use are make by our link.  Our technology supports 32-bit color at all resolutions. Whenever native resolution can be detect, we will display the native resolution of the screen automatically. The video output format is capable of high definition (720p), and audio functions for a single channel are also integrate. We also provide much of the software for automatically configuring the video adapter and the USB port. We compress the video signal for transport over the USB link to improve bandwidth. Video signals, especially HDTV signals, when uncompressed, require enormous bandwidth. If the original signal source is encode video (see MPEG) then the computer must first decode the signal. Then our software driver must compress the signal using the proprietary our video compression codec.

How it works?

This is basically transcoding, which is one of the reasons that the computer requirements are significant. The compressed signal is then sent over the USB link to the adapter. Once the signal is past the USB link, the converters uncompress the signal for broadcast over the HDMI link. HDMI is capable of communicating uncompressed HDTV signals. There is some misleading information on-line that claims that this product is HDCP capable. It implies that the system is amongst other things, BluRay DVD compatible. Currently our technology is not HDCP compliant, since our compression codec cannot manipulate encrypted packages. Fast moving images may stress the capability of this technology because of the throughput limitations of USB 2.0. Minimum computer requirements for this application are XP or Vista operating system with Pentium 4 CPU or equivalent at 2.4GHz. Minimum RAM memory requirement is 512 MB.

The converter module relies on the computer CPU to perform the video encoding. This product is plugs and play with included software, and should install quickly. Power for the converter is supply from the USB port, so an AC power supply is not require. You have to try our products for once.

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