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Photography and videography studios in Saudi Arabia


Photography and videography studios in Saudi Arabia can make you look your best. The best studios will use the latest technology to ensure that you get a professional result.

Photography studios

Photography studios are becoming more popular in Saudi Arabia because people want to take beautiful photos of themselves and their families. If you are going for the best performing studio, here are some tips:

Pick a reputable company with experience working with models of all ages and types.

Make sure they have professional equipment such as fancy lights and backgrounds to make your photo look its best.

Check their portfolio online before going to them. Look through their past work to know their preferred photography style. Does it match yours? Are there any poses or locations that might not be flattering for you? This way, when meeting with them before your shoot day, you can ask questions about anything else you might have concerns about.”

Raw Studios Saudi Arabia

Raw Studios is a photography and videography studio in Saudi Arabia. It offers various services, including fashion, commercial, and wedding photography. At the heart of Jeddah’s business district, Raw Studios is well-equipped to serve its clients.

The studio has a wide range of equipment and lighting, as well as professional photographers with extensive experience in all fields of Photography. Raw Studios also offers editing services that enhance your images and make them look professional. The staff there is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest trends in Photography.

Mohammed S Gaber and his influence on Photography

Mohammed S Gaber is a photographer from Saudi Arabia. He has won many awards for his Photography and inspired many people with his work. Mohammed S Gaber has also been judged at many regional photography competitions.

Mohammed S Gaber has worked with many famous clients in Saudi Arabia, such as:

  • Al Riyad Bank (the biggest bank in the Middle East)
  • King Abdulaziz Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (KAFGC)

He was also the head photographer at Raw Studios from 2000 – 2002. The following are some examples of Mohammed S Gaber’s most notable projects:

Raw Studios photography project with the Almarai Company

Almarai is a large dairy company with many interests in the Saudi Arabian market. They are known for its dairy products but also has a large real estate portfolio and investment arm. Raw Studios was chosen to shoot for Almarai because of the studio’s experience and ability to work with large companies.

The shoot lasted several days, as the team from Almarai wanted to have a variety of shots. The studio was required to provide a wide range of options for the client, who would then choose which ones they liked best.

The team from Almarai was very pleased with the results of the shoot, and they were able to use some of the images for their advertising campaign. The aim of the photo was to create a fun and friendly feeling, which is why Raw Studios used color gels on lights and props.

The team was able to create the desired effect, and they were pleased with the results of the shoot. Almarai has been a long-time client of Raw Studios, which is why they chose them for this project. They also liked how convenient it was to work with Raw Studios because they had worked together before.

The team at Raw Studios is very happy to have been chosen by Almarai again. They have a lot of experience working with large companies, which is why they were able to create the desired images for them.

What makes for a good photography firm

It takes a skilled team of experts to create the best images, and this requires a high-quality product. You’ll want to look for these things when choosing which photography firm is right for you:

  • A strong portfolio
  • Quality work
  • On-time delivery (or within your deadline)
  • Competitive Pricing

When you’re searching for the perfect location to shoot

When you’re looking for an awesome venue to shoot that upcoming project, these studios are an excellent option.

The first thing to consider when choosing a photography studio is its location. If you want your photographs or videos shot in Saudi Arabia, then this will be the most important factor in your decision. You don’t have to think much about logistics and transportation; many studios offer transport from and back to the airport or hotel at no extra cost.

Equipment: Equipped with professional-grade equipment, these studios are capable of producing high-quality images and footage for any type of project, from wedding photography and videography services to advertising campaigns and fashion shoots.

Their equipment includes cameras (including DSLRs), lighting kits with softboxes and umbrellas, tripods and monopods for stability during long exposure shots or time lapses (if necessary), and laptops with wireless internet connection so that clients can easily view the digital proofs they receive at their convenience after each session has concluded…and more.

If a certain piece of equipment isn’t available at one location but is needed for another shoot tomorrow morning at another location 30 kilometers away across town? No problem; just rent it using your credit card over lunchtime today while waiting patiently until tomorrow morning’s shoot begins.”

If you want to find out more about the equipment available at each studio, visit their websites and check out their portfolios. You’ll be able to see for yourself how well-equipped they are and what kinds of shots they’ve taken in the past, which will help you decide which one best meets your needs.”


These photography studios in Saudi Arabia are a great resource for videographers and photographers. They have everything you need, from the equipment to the space, to create something truly beautiful. Consider all of your options before deciding on one, but don’t hesitate when it comes down to choosing Raw Studios.

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